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Practical help can be given to students to hear their baroque classical compositions in their historic timbre and style. This can make sense of some otherwise mystifying elements of chorales, classical quartets and baroque trio sonatas.

WBO players encourage active participation through playing and singing wherever possible, working alongside students to form mixed ensembles if necessary, or advising on matters of style in performance (MU6). On a broader front, some work with the period dance expert, Philippa Waite, can help place much earlier music in the context of social reality.

The WBO proposes visits of between two and five musicians, selected in consultation with the booking organisation. One-off visits can be arranged, or a series covering a specified area of study, paced according to need.

Educational visits can with advantage be linked to full concerts by the ensemble. Please enquire of the possibilities.

Here's a commentary on an ongoing series of workshops from the school concerned:

"The sessions with the Baroque Orchestra have been wonderful! The students and myself really enjoyed coming face to face and learning about the period instruments. The explanations and demonstrations on the different instruments were thorough and students were enthused about Baroque music.

In particular, the compositional sessions were excellent. We looked specifically at Baroque dances and Andrew explained modulation and structure perfectly. The group compositions were then performed by the musicians and so the students' work was brought to life. Now the students are working on their own individual compositions which will be performed by the orchestra at the next session. These compositions will be used for GCSE Coursework. All in all delivery and content was excellent and all abilities were catered for."

Fees are set by negotiation and judged according to the ability of the partner organisation to pay. The WBO is in touch with various supporting bodies (such as the Cardiff Artists-in-Residence scheme and Music Development Fund). It is happy to begin discussions with other bodies as advised.

Both EMW and WBO operate a child protection policy, a copy of which can be sent, together with the academic and performing qualifications of the players.

The WBO regrets that it does not yet have the capacity to teach through the medium of Welsh.